Homeschool Goals for 2018-2019

Homeschool Goals for 2018-2019

Everyone is back in school. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the pictures of my friends and family’s children going back to school. We don’t officially start our school year till next week, but I wanted to get this post out. I think before you start a homeschooling year that it’s a good idea to have some goals laid out. This helps me to stay focused and stay the course. If you haven’t read my post back in January about my word of the year you can find it here. I like to have a focus word instead of “resolutions” and this year’s word is intentional. That word also carries over into our homeschool. Other than being intentional, here are my homeschool goals for 2018-2019.



KIS stands for Keep It Simple. This year I will be homeschooling my first high schooler. I have been reeling myself in to not over complicate things for her. At this level, it’s easy to go overboard and over complicate things. I want to make sure I keep things simple for her so she does not get overwhelmed. I think by keeping things simple that she will also get the most out of her education.

Read Alouds

This year we will be doing more read aloud. The children love when I read to them, even my 14yr old enjoys it. I love that I can give them this sweet memory while also creating in them a love for books.



Okay, so this really should have been listed first. We are a Christian family so having a Christ Centered homeschool is important to us. This year we are using more Christian curriculum, reading devotionals, and memorizing scripture. I want everything we do to be done to glorify God. I want my children to build their relationship with God on solid ground. This is most important to me.

Limited Distractions

As embarrassing as this is to admit, my phone is my biggest distraction. Sometimes during a lesson, I peek at my phone. I know that this is sending negative signals to my children. This school year I am going to have my phone in my room during lessons. This way I don’t hear any notifications going off and I am not tempted to peek at my phone. If I want my children to respect their time during a lesson, I need to also do the same.


Homeschool Field Trips

I have been awful in taking my children on field trips. I would like to have some fun outings planned. We are planning a trip to Florida this winter and that would make a wonderful opportunity to take the family to an aquarium.


I hope you join me back here at the end of the school year to see how I did. Do you make homeschool goals? What are some of your goals?

Thanks for reading!