The Good and The Beautiful Controversy | My Personal Thoughts

The Good and The Beautiful Controversy | My Personal Thoughts

If you are using The Good and The Beautiful homeschool curriculum or have been thinking about it then I’m sure you know somewhat about what is going on. If not, here is a basic rundown.
The Good and The Beautiful is a non-denominational curriculum produced by Jenny Phillips. Jenny is part of the Latter Day Saints church. For that reason other homeschoolers are either reluctant to try the curriculum or have spoke out against it.

My family and I personally use the curriculum, and we love it. I have yet to come across anything about the LDS religion. TGTB does a wonderful job keeping the curriculum non-denominational. I know of many other homeschoolers who love this curriculum as well and have not found anything LDS related.

My opinion

So, here are my thoughts on all of this. I think it is great to read reviews and hear the thoughts of others when it comes to a curriculum, but they are all just opinions. We should take opinions with a grain of salt and form our own decisions. Believe me, I am guilty of following along with what someone else is doing, and it always ends up not working out for me. You should do what works best for your children. If you are using this curriculum and enjoy it, then you should continue using it. If you are looking for reviews, look at all ends of the spectrum.

As far as the religious beliefs of Jenny herself, it doesn’t bother me. I am careful about all curriculum, books, and tv shows that I allow my Children to view/use. As parents, we should all be careful about what we use and not be blind even if the creator of the material has the same convictions that we have. Curriculums are simply a tool we use in our homeschool and it should never rule our lives. The reviews and opinions of others should only help guide us, not make a decision for us. (that includes my opinions)

Those are my thoughts on this topic. We do plan to use TGTB in the school year to come. I also plan to have a more detailed review of TGTB on my blog in the very near future. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media accounts so you don’t miss anything!


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  1. I need to take my own advice. I am awful about reading something and then rethinking everything I originally thought about that topic. haha. But, this curriculum works well for my family and we are enjoying it. Until it becomes a problem, we will continue to use TGTB.

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